Martín ♥

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I will carry you thro it 

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Seijuurou Mikoshiba - Ep 09

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Free ES ep.8 : Makoto coach

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reasons why winter is better than summer:

  • little to no insects (◕‿◕✿) 
  • sweaters all the time (◠△◠✿)
  • the air is nice and fresh smelling (◡‿◡✿)
  • sometimes it snows and you get out of school \(◕‿◕✿)/
  • snow is pretty (´・ω・`)
  • no pollen (▰˘◡˘▰) 
  • it gets darker faster so theres more nighttime and more time to look at the stars (ᅌᴗᅌ* )
  • everything is dead just the way i like it (⊙‿⊙✿)

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*topples your fucking nerd tower*

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It’s going to be fine.

Fairy Tail~

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If you think my blog sucks wait till you see my life 

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(5) 「ついぴくまとめ8月号」/「うなさか」の漫画 [pixiv]

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